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Act now and 2024 could be the year you take control of your investing plans, says Michael Beresford of OpenCorp

When do you make your New Year’s resolution? Probably at about 11pm on December 31, if you’re like most people.

Here’s an idea. You could call it ground-breaking; I call it common sense.

Make an early New Year’s resolution, that you’re going to prosper financially in 2024. Sounds simple, so why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, not everyone has the advice of OpenCorp’s investment property specialists to help them understand where and when to buy in Australia.

We’re in November and soon we’ll be at Christmas. I’m guessing that back in January, taking control of your financial future was high on your priority list. And, if you did, ask yourself honestly: have you done something positive to make that happen this year?

$300k for three hours’ work

Let me put it another way. If I said I’d write you a cheque for $300,000 and all you had to do was three hours’ work, would you be in? Of course!

Those three hours are the time needed for an OpenCorp Investment Strategist to plan and execute a proven property investment strategy to achieve your goals – and if you’d done that three years ago, you could have already have seen your property appreciate to the tune of around $300,000.

We always get a massive rush of people calling us late in December wanting to do something at the eleventh hour before Christmas, because THIS YEAR was about doing something positive, but they haven’t got round to it.

It’s human nature – I get it. We get bogged down in the day-to-day and don’t devote enough time to building for our future comfortable situation – and that of our children.

There’s some sound thinking in being ahead of the curve BEFORE Christmas. Prices typically go up in the new year, especially where there is more positive consumer sentiment than we’ve had in the past 18 months. If you buy in January or February compared with December, you’re paying more than if you bought late the year before.

We lead where others follow

You can’t overestimate the influence of the media – and that’s where most people get their information.

The media is talking less and less about the cost-of-living crisis and now starting to talk around the positive market space for property. This spells price growth, an increase in the number of people trying to get rentals, and the number of people attending open for inspections – and that’s going to increase demand.

Our experts spend almost 20,000 hours a year researching where and when to invest. So while the media is hugely influential, OpenCorp customers are proactive, not reactive, to the media and hold steady with their strategy to build long-term growth with property investment.

Take Perth as an example. For two years we’ve been placing our clients into that city, and just the other day one got rent $200 a week above what was initially set when they bought – plus they’ve seen $170,000 of growth since buying.

If you’ve got a borrowing capacity and you thought about investing in property earlier in the year and haven’t got round to it yet, now is the time.

Book in today for a Discovery Call with one of our Investment Strategist. Now is the time to start a conversation and see how we can help you and your family – otherwise it’ll be 2024 already and you’ll be kicking yourself.

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