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What you'll learn

  • Property and market trends you need to know about and how investors can benefit. 
  • Ways you can leverage rising interest rates through property investment. 
  • Understand why now is the right time to invest. 
  • 5 simple steps to creating your financial freedom. 
  • Unique insights from successful investors. 

We’re here to help you build your wealth using a simple and proven formula.
Our proven strategy allows you to:

  • Make money safely and reliably.
  • Avoid big risks without needing to become an expert.
  • Enjoy life as you take control of your future.

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Meet Jamie – One of our Clients

Jamie claims “the best thing I ever did was go to OpenCorp’s Webinar” and no wonder why! This webinar has been the catalyst for Jamie’s remarkable journey towards a thriving portfolio of four properties and an additional fifth through superannuation.

If you’re curious about Jamie’s secret to success, now is the time to discover his tips. Join our webinar today and unlock the key to your own success, just like Jamie did!

Our speakers

Matthew Lewison – OpenCorp CEO

Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and accomplished property investor with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate.

Cam McLellan – Co-Founder & Director

Cam wrote the bestselling My four-year-old the property investor. He began investing in real estate at 20, and has since mastered the art of sustainable wealth.

Michael Beresford – Director of Property and Investment Services

Purchasing his first investment property at 25, Michael proceeded to buy four more properties on a single income over the next five years.


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