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Are you looking to fill gaps in your knowledge? Want to refine your long-term investment plan? Need help navigating the banks to obtain finance at an advanced level? Keen to restructure your investments to minimise tax? Or simply want some expert advice on growing your portfolio.

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It's an approach tailored to you and your investment goals.

cashflow positive property investment

Your goals. Your financial situation.

Our property and financial experts will meet with you to understand your personal property investment goals and your financial situation.

To have the best chance of helping you to reach your goals, we first need to know where you are now, and where you want to be in the future.
cashflow positive property investment
Investment property tax deductions

Your personalised roadmap

Each investor's circumstances are different, so it's important that you have a personalised strategy. We take into account the best property type and location to suit your circumstances and factoring in future acquisitions to achieve diversification and consistent growth
Investment property tax deductions
Investment property loans

A finance strategy that works for you

Establishing the correct finance strategy is a critical step to achieving your goals.

These days, achieving financial security is not as easy as going to the bank and asking for money. Your circumstances are unique, and that means you need a finance strategy that allows you to pursue your property investment goals.

We provide guidance on managing existing liabilities, coaching on the right level and structure of debt, savings tips and strategies to get you into your first or next property sooner, as well as taking into account your career, family and property investment objectives.
Investment property loans
Investment property fundamentals

Sourcing the right investment for you

Our property analysts research, source and secure properties specifically to meet your needs and align your property investment roadmap and finance strategy.

We’re obsessed with performance, and we’ve been tracking ours since 2006. Since then, our property selections have, on average, beat the market by 33.1%. That’s before taking into account the benefit of gearing, or the compounding effects of using equity to acquire additional properties that also go up in value.
Investment property fundamentals
Investment property management

Mitigating the risks

We mitigate the inherent risks associated with buying a property.

We use sophisticated systems to monitor the status of your property purchase, and provide risk management tools and guarantees that are specific to your strategy, to limit downside risk from unforeseen circumstances.

We want you to sleep soundly in the knowledge that your investment is in safe hands while you reap the benefits of your property portfolio.
Investment property management
property investment advisor

Property management and tenant selection

We manage the property and tenant to maximise your rental income, ensuring that the property is kept in good quality with regular services to always look its best and limit unplanned repairs.

We understand that stable, growing profits from your investment property portfolio are key to helping fund your future acquisitions, without impacting your lifestyle, and will eventually lead to more cash in your pocket and giving you lifelong income.
property investment advisor
Investment property tax

Portfolio growth mentoring

We provide personalised mentoring and coaching for as long as it takes for you to achieve your personal property investment goals.

We’re here for the long haul. Financial stability comes from owning a portfolio of properties. That’s why every one of our clients gets a personal portfolio manager, to help guide you and keep you on track to your long-term goals.
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