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A smart strategy is the most important element of property investing. Deciding your destination before you start and working out the smartest way to get there, will save you time, cut down risk, avoid pitfalls and accelerate you to your destination.
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What about
the risks?

At OpenCorp we know there is risk in property investing. But smart investing means building wealth over time, safely and securely, while managing the risks.

No need to second guess yourself. No expensive mistakes. But also, no more “I should have done this 10 years ago.”

We are not into “get rich quick” schemes. We build your wealth, slowly and surely.

Discover a smarter way to invest in property

Our clients just need to bring the money and the motivation, we do everything else for you.

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You will never
walk alone

The OpenCorp team are beside you for every step of your investment journey.

We have no interest in the short-term. We stick with you until your goals are reached. With us, there’s no “here’s a property, see you later”. We see it all the way through with you.

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We regularly publish educational articles, videos and podcasts on our blog to help you stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of property investment in Australia. We cover different investment strategies, key market developments, property investment news and more.

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Want key insights into what’s happening in real estate right now? You can get all the information you need right here. Learn why property markets trend, rise and fall in price and how to avoid the danger zone when you should not invest in property.


Great staff!
Safest method of investing i have come across, great system.
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Damon Bozeman
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Lisa has three properties with OpenCorp

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Esther & Greg own multiple properties generating positive cash flow

Our track record speaks for itself.

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