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If you only read one property investment book, this is that book.

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My Four Year Old The Property Investor


My four-year-old the property investor

Written by
Cam McLellan

"Ground breaking. If you want to invest in property, you must read this book." - Australian Financial Review

My Four Year Old The Property Investor

Bestseller – Over 120,000 sold. If you only read one investment book, this is that book.

  • A clear understanding of Australian property investment.
  • 3 easy steps you can use to find the best investment, every time.
  • Tools & checklists which reduce risk & maximise your returns.


Cam’s unique approach, simplifying tricky concepts into simple steps, with clear guidance from start to finish has this book a best-seller, helping many Australian investors accelerate their success.

Our mission is to help as many aspiring property investors as we can to:

  • Cut through the industry jargon and confusing info overload
  • Understand property investing basics - do's and don'ts
  • Discover proven methods used by sucessful investors
  • Learn exact steps to take based on your situation and goals, and
  • Start investing now to build a stronger financial future


If you're unsure how or where to start investing in property, or thinking you don't have time to learn all the ins-and-outs, this book is the one plain-English, quick-read, step by step guide you need to get started.

“The genius of this book lies in its simplicity. It reads like an easy-to-understand set of instructions for succeeding in the property market. Not only have I already implemented some of Cam’s advice, I plan to make it essential reading for my own children in order to give them that head-start I never had.”
Gerard Ferrari – Board Member, Victoria Golf Club
"What an insightful, brilliantly written investment guide. An empowering read."
Australian Property Investor
"Very well written and extremely hard to put down. The articulation of an often-complex process in this way was simply brilliant."
Property Observer
"Ground breaking. If you want to invest in property, you must read this book."
Financial Review
"A fun read that helps break down complex concepts. I currently have dozens of post-it notes stuck through the book where it cleared up previous ‘unknowns’ or where a complex idea was simplified really well."
Smart Property Investment
"If successfully investing in property was easy, everyone would be doing it right? In this book, Cam achieves exactly this: he makes it seem easy. Breaking down comprehensive strategies and complex ideas into simple, easy to follow advice. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to grow their wealth through property investing."
Your Investment Property

About the Author

Cam Headshot 2023
Cam McLellan is a successful property investor, businessman and father. he shares the knowledge that led him to build a substantial residential and commercial property portfolio and a group of companies listed in 8 BRW fast growth lists. Cam wrote this investment manual for his kids to use when they're old enough. It's also a must-read for anyone wishing to secure their future by walking Cam's straight line to wealth.

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