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Ultimate Property Investing Mini Guide


"The Ultimate Mini Guide to Property Investing"

Written by
Cam McLellan

Is it possible to get a quick understanding of property investing in a simple, 38-page, jargon-free book? Well if you don’t download this one, you’ll never know!

Ultimate Property Investing Mini Guide

Put a proven system in place, ahead of the crowd:
Download the Ultimate Property Investing Mini Guide and step-by-step 2022 playbook today.


You’ll gain knowledge of:


  • The truth about the Australian Property Market
  • What is a “counter-cyclical” investment strategy
  • How to use the “8th Wonder of the world” in investing
  • When are the “danger times” to invest
  • Why “flipping” property isn’t an investment strategy
  • The biggest mistakes most property investors make
  • The secret of the “circle of duplication”

Bestseller – Over 120,000 sold. If you only read one investment book, this is that book. 

  • A clear understanding of Australian property investment.
  • 3 easy steps you can use to find the best investment, every time.
  • Tools & checklists which reduce risk & maximise your returns.


Using Cam’s straight-line to wealth investing method, you’ll also learn: 

  • How to identify market growth cycles, before they occur.
  • To cut out media hype & invest based on factual market data.
  • The 10 biggest mistakes made by investors.
  • How to pay your home off in 10 years, not 30.
  • Finance structuring & taxation made easy.
  • How to keep your own home safe & out of the banks hands.
  • When not to invest in property.
  • How to avoid ‘sharks’ who circle the property industry.
  • Easy to understand trusts, contracts & prenuptial agreements.
  • 5 key exit strategies.
  • Why a modest income is no barrier to successful property investing.
  • How passive income from growth property can fund a life you never thought possible
“Ground breaking. If you want to invest in property, you must read this book.”
Australian Financial Review
“What an insightful, brilliantly written investment guide. An empowering read.”
Australian Property Investor Magazine
“A fun read that helps break down complex concepts. I currently have dozens of post-it notes stuck through the book where it cleared up previous ‘unknowns’ or where a complex idea was simplified really well.”
Smart Property Investment Magazine

About the Author

Ultimate Property Investing Mini Guide
Cam McLellan is a successful property investor, businessman and father. He shares the knowledge that led him to build a substantial residential and commercial property portfolio and a group of companies listed in 8 BRW fast growth lists. It's also a must-read for anyone wishing to secure their future by walking Cam's straight line to wealth.

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We empower property investors to accelerate their success with evidence-based strategies, done-for-you property and finance services, and expert mentoring.

Since 2006, our trusted specialists and transparent approach have helped 1,500+ Australians add over $500M to their property portfolios, transforming their wealth, retirement and financial futures.

Whether you’re seeking a full-service, done-for-you approach, or you prefer to get in the trenches and take the DIY route, the OpenCorp team has you cover