Why Consulting Specialists Matters


Explore the power of seeking advice from seasoned experts in property investing. Gain insights from OpenCorp Executive Director, Michael Beresford, on the strategy for success and the importance of specialists in every aspect of your investment journey.


Why Consulting Specialists Matters in Property Investing

When it comes to property investing, the best advice often comes from those who have walked the path, developed a blueprint for success and amassed years of valuable experience. At OpenCorp, our directors boast over 25 years of investing experience, making sound decisions, learning from mistakes, and witnessing diverse market trends.

With only 10% of Australians engaging in property investment and a very small fraction building substantial portfolios, finding someone in your network with the key to success is rare. Casual conversations at barbecues are unlikely to provide the insights you need. That’s where consulting with experts becomes invaluable.



A Strategy for Success

At OpenCorp, we leverage our expertise to provide you with a strategy for success. Our clients are 152% more likely to own three or more investment properties than the typical Australian investor. Partnering with an expert pays off, and we’re here to guide you.

Our clients are everyday Australians who make smart decisions and reap the rewards. Take Matt and Christie for example, this young couple set themselves the big goal to acquire 3 investment properties in 3 years. Matt has a background in endurance sports and has both a running and a financial coach. He knows full well the importance of having the right mentor and expertise behind you. Check out Matt and Christie’s story here

“We have bought three properties in three years with OpenCorp and we’re super proud of having made that journey.”

Navigating the complex world of property investment requires a sounding board for common questions. At OpenCorp, we deal with these queries daily, making asking for help not just acceptable but smart. Even Novak Djokovic, with 24 grand slam titles, has a coach for accountability and improvement.


Beware the ‘Dream Crushers’

Have you ever spoken to a property investor who regretted their decision? In my experience, none. Be cautious when others suggest you’re wrong or should focus elsewhere – we call them ‘dream crushers.’

It’s important to recognise that people aren’t intentionally trying to crush your dreams. The natural human reaction is to be cautious of things you don’t know much about or to be sceptical of something you don’t fully understand. This is why it’s important to arm yourself with a team who are experts in their field.



Specialist Property Advisors: Maximising Success

Let’s be clear – a property accountant is not just any accountant; they are specialists critical to your success. They maximise tax deductions and ensure optimal outcomes. Don’t consult your regular accountant about property matters; seek advice from specialists who understand the intricacies of property investments.

Similarly, when financial planning is needed, talking to a financial planner might not cover property advice due to licensing restrictions. It’s crucial to talk to experts in specific areas like property selection, tax, insurance, property management, or finance.


Unlock your success in property investing by consulting with specialists who understand every facet of the property landscape.

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