Tips for Starting Your Property Investment Journey


Unlock the secrets to successful property investment with insights from OpenCorp. Discover crucial factors, cost considerations, and strategies to kickstart your investment journey. 

Key considerations before starting your property investment journey 

Many aspiring property investors often enquire about the required funds to commence their journey. The quick answer: probably more than anticipated. While the deposit is a significant consideration, it’s crucial to factor in all costs to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Whether eyeing a two-bedroom apartment or a spacious family home, many individuals fixate on the deposit’s cost. However, overlooking additional expenses, such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees, and essential repair buffers, could lead to unforeseen financial challenges. 

Understanding Borrowing Capacity: 

The paramount consideration for potential investors is their borrowing capacity, determining the amount they can secure from the bank. This should cover not just the deposit, but also additional costs associated with property acquisition. 

Once clear on borrowing capacity and investment goals, the focus shifts to property selection. At OpenCorp, we provide a solid and sustainable strategy, enabling clients to own multiple investment properties successfully. This is why our clients are 152.9% more likely to own three or more investment properties than the typical Australian investor. 

Stamp duty: A consideration beyond the deposit 

I see plenty of YouTube videos where an ‘expert’ tells beginner investors: “Imagine that you’re buying a property for $600,000, then your deposit is going to be 60,000.” They talk as if 10% of the purchase price is enough to get started. Unfortunately, it’s not.    

Stamp duty, a substantial expense in property acquisition, is often overlooked by novice investors. Imagine purchasing a $600,000 property in Melbourne – stamp duty alone exceeds $30,000. Smart strategies, like settling on land first and then constructing a house, can reduce stamp duty by taxing only the land value. 

This approach not only allows market entry sooner but also capitalises on potential price growth and increased rental returns. By securing the land at today’s prices you stand to reap tomorrow’s benefits with price growth and increased rental return, which many of OpenCorp’s clients are experiencing at the moment. 

Navigating conveyancing: Learn from experience

OpenCorp Director Cam McLellan’s first investment involved signing a contract without understanding the need for a Conveyancer – a situation fittingly named ‘What’s a Conveyancer?’ Day. New investors must avoid this pitfall. 

A property transaction involves legal intricacies, necessitating a solicitor or conveyancer to manage the process (settlement). Fees cover incidental expenses like title searches and mortgage registration, totalling around $2,500. They’re a necessary part of the process – as Cam found out all those years ago. 

Saving strategy: Turbocharge your deposit 

Consider the affordable end of the market to attract government grants and incentives, turbocharging your deposit. For instance, the Queensland Government recently doubled the first home-buyer grant to $30,000 for properties under $750,000. 

With contingencies considered, calculate your borrowing capacity to cover not only the deposit but all associated costs, preparing for a successful property investing journey. 


Having the right team behind you, helping you work towards your goals will position you ahead of the curve and set for success. We have been around for over 18 years and help our clients through every step of their investment journey. 

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