Systems & overview or disorder & chaos


By Cam McLellan

This is how I saw property investing when I began, and this is how most people still see investing. That’s because they have neither a systematic approach, nor the tools to navigate the investment maze.

I wrote my book My Four-Year-Old the Property Investor to show people how to invest safely and successfully.

With the help of a clear overview and a proven system, this is how you’ll see the investment ‘maze’.

Most parents tell their kids they can be anything in life. Sadly, most don’t give them the tools to make this true.

As far as I can tell, we get only one chance at life. So don’t hesitate to follow your dreams.

Your only limit is your imagination.

I’m 40, happily married and have three of the most beautiful kids in the world (no bias of course!).

I want my children to be able live life on their terms and be who they want to be. I want them to enjoy their profession, but don’t want it to define them (unless that’s what they choose). I don’t want them to be afraid to try new things. All of this is part of the main reason I chose to build a property portfolio.

There’s one vital thing you need to do if you want to build a portfolio. Make no mistake: you need to work hard. But the beauty of this is you can then fill your days doing what you want, not what you must, just to survive.

Before you can have a go at all your heart desires, you need to be one thing. A smart investor.

What’s a smart investor? Someone who actively invests in property with a clear vision and a refined system. Smart investors are very different to ‘ordinary’ investors.

To live a life where anything’s possible, you need to build a property portfolio that’ll give you substantial equity growth. Once we get your money issues solved, you can focus on enjoying life.

What’s equity? Equity is the value of an asset, less the liability or loan held against it. It’s the money you’d be left with if your asset was sold and the debt repaid.


  • When you have a system, you minimise risk and stay in control.
  • Risk minimisation is the key to safe investing.
  • Live life kids. Your only limit is your imagination.

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