Priscilla – Investing for freedom


‘I didn’t have the time, energy or expertise to research investment properties.’

Priscilla wants the retirement we all dream of. But she knows she won’t achieve it unless they invest to build financial freedom.

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I was getting to a point where I was really struggling and I don’t have the time or the energy to work full time, do what’s required plus spend my whole weekends looking at where to invest, trying to work out the next big thing and how do you work out whether investing in a certain location in Australia is actually the right location.

Regions are great but they don’t have the same growth. Cities are great, but it costs a lot to get in to. So it was all that kind of stuff that I was trying to juggle and look at all these investment reports and trying to figure it out myself, and I just couldn’t do it. I really just couldn’t do it.

Along came James and James is fantastic. He just went, “You understand the business. You have your goals. We can help you achieve those goals.” That was where the light bulb moment really happened. It’s like, finally, someone gets me. Finally, someone understands what we’re trying to do and they understand that we want to do it fast and yes it’s a ten year plan, but during that ten years, we’re going to at least see one of us achieve the goal of being out of the workplace.

It’s about that realization that someone can see you dream and James was able to say, “You actually can do this, Priscilla and Matt. You can actually achieve this. You just need to plan it, and with a good solid plan, and you follow that plan, with the flows that go with property, you will achieve it.”

And we’ve been with Open Corp not even 12 months, less than 12 months. We’ve got our second property with them and that’s not even finished and we’re already on to our third. We’re already moving to our third and we know that the property that we’ve invested in Melbourne, it’s already got the growth that we need, and once we get the, we’ll be going again.

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