OpenCorp Live Q&A Show #8 (DECEMBER)


The OpenCorp Live Q&A Show is done and dusted for 2019 and we’ve gone out with a bang!

Here is a replay of the Facebook live stream recorded on December 5th in which our panel of experts, including OpenCorp directors Al Lewison and Michael ‘Boz’ Beresford, answer viewers’ questions around all things investing in property in Australia.

Joining the panel for the first time was mortgage broker extraordinaire, Amanda Gleig.

Amanda provided timely information about the financing aspects of building a property investment portfolio.

Other topics included:

  • interest rates for property investment (at what point should you be reviewing the interest rate you’re paying?),
  • the importance of controlling your cashflow, and
  • why “routine drives success”.

The panel also shines the light on media headlines and the scourge of ‘dream crushers’!

It’s all here in one fun but information-packed episode of the OpenCorp Live Q&A Show!

We’ll be back bigger and better in 2020, with a range of guests joining our regular panel to bring you up-to-date tips and strategies for building a property investment portfolio in Australia.

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