OpenCorp donates 36K to support Homeless Youth


Melbourne-based property investment specialists OpenCorp took a team-wide vote and decided to pledge their support to the Property Industry Foundation with a generous 36K donation.

“This is the first time we have partnered with the Foundation,”

“Our business took a team-wide vote on organisations that we believed aligned with our values and where we think we can add maximum impact. The Property Industry Foundation won the overwhelming majority of the group. We have a mission to help everyday Australians pursue their financial goals through residential property, but for some Australians the prospect of growing wealth is less of a concern than getting a roof over their heads. It really hit home for us that we are in a position to help those people and this was the first step to doing that.”

“The team at OpenCorp hope their donation will lift up a young person who is struggling. If there is one thing we wish our donation will achieve, it’s that it provides hope and might just give them the motivation to chase their own dreams, whatever they might be. Knowing our donation will provide a room and roof over someone’s head, a place to call home where they can feel safe is very important. We understand that being in these difficult circumstances can leave a person feeling demotivated and sometimes helpless. But when we feel that we are in a safe and secure environment, it gives us the chance to develop, learn and to grow.”

Cassandra Jakubowska, Group Marketing Manager OpenCorp

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