Live Q&A #10 – your property investing questions answered!


This month on our regular Facebook Live Q&A Show, we welcomed OpenCorp’s Natalie Ravaneschi to the panel, joining Cam McLellan and Allister Lewison to discuss all things property investing in Australia, as well as answering questions sent in by viewers.


As a Relationship Manager, Natalie gets to see how much property investment changes everyday lives.

Some talking points include:

  • Commentary – against a backdrop of COVID-19, what’s the big picture?
  • Process – what fears and challenges do people have when starting on their property investment journey?
  • Commentary – (media report) house price growth is earning more than the people living in the home!
  • Commentary – interest rate cuts – should you fix your rate?
  • Viewer question – I’m 23 and have $50K in the bank, what should I do?
  • Viewer question – what’s the market doing currently?
  • Viewer question – what’s the age breakdown of OpenCorp’s clients: 20s/30s/40s and 50s?
  • Viewer question – how much does the panel recommend to cover deposit and costs for an investment property – is it worth getting a personal loan to top it up?
  • Viewer question – how do you get to a second and third investment property in terms of loans?

Check it out folks, let us know what you think! Our Facebook live streams take place at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of each month – join the fun, and don’t forget to bring your questions!

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