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Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. In it, the directors of OpenCorp (plus expert guests) cut through the white noise so you can minimise risk and make smart and informed investment decisions.

If you’re after tips and strategies while building a property portfolio that suits your lifestyle, this is the podcast for you!

Below is the podcast promo trailer, in which experienced property investor and best-selling author Cam McLellan provides a quick introduction to Brick to the Future, outlining what listeners can expect in forthcoming episodes.

G’day. My name is Cam McLellan. Welcome to Brick to the Future, a podcast brought to you by OpenCorp, Australia’s leading property investment specialist. As quick introduction to the show, I’ll outline what you can expect by tuning into forthcoming episodes. Brick to the Future, focuses on property investment for everyday Australians. If you’re after tips and strategies while building your property portfolio to suit your lifestyle, then you’re in the right place.

Each episode will feature various times members of the OpenCorp team, including myself, Cam McLellan, I’ll be your host and the best-selling author of My Four-Year-Old The Property Investor, and Investing In The New Normal, along with my co-directors and business partners Al Lewison, Al was in the BRW Young Rich List a number of times, his brother, Matt Lewison, Matt was a general manager at the tender age of 26, the third largest land developer in Australia, controlling a two billion dollar, portfolio, and Michael Beresford, or aka Bozza, Michael’s the director of investment services at OpenCorp and is a well sought-after commentator in the finance industry and investment advisory industry. We’ll also bring you some of the board members of OpenCorp. A little bit more grey hair. Some of these guys have been investing for close to 50 years. So they’ve been through a lot of cycles.

Each of us have built extensive residential and commercial portfolios, but more importantly, the strategies we use and our clients use, we’ve beaten the market over the last decade by 37%. So the proof’s in the pudding. But we want to get some special guests amongst it all, so really give you some depth to the information you’re absorbing. So we’re going to get some industry specialists to share their stories and lessons, experienced property investors, data analysts, economists, because we don’t just want to talk about what we do.

In future episodes what you can expect. Firstly, once a month, we’ll play our Q&A show where a Boz, Matt, Al, and I answer burning questions from the general public. So it goes for quite an extensive period of time. The rest of the episodes will be quite short and sharp. We’ll focus on a single topic and really try to give you guys some value. Most of all, we want to try and cut through the white noise of the industry so you can clearly decipher a safe investment strategy for yourself. Guys, look forward to delivering you some awesome information.

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