Brick To The Future: Savvy exit strategies.


Lots of property investing goodness can be found on OpenCorp’s new podcast BRICK TO THE FUTURE, with plenty of episodes to educate and inspire you on your journey towards financial freedom!

Quick recap: Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. Our expert presenters cut through the white noise around all things investing in property, along the way providing valuable tips and strategies for building a high-performance property portfolio that’s right for your lifestyle.

Below is an aggregation of episodes 7-14 for your listening pleasure.

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EPISODE #14 – Identifying property investing hotspots with expert guest, Matt Gross, The National Property Research Co.

In this episode, we feature an interview with leading economist Matt Gross, founder of The National Property Research Co, who explains how to use data insights to identify strong growth property hotspots.

Matt takes listeners on a full ‘walk-around’ of capital cities in each Australian state, along with some regional areas, identifying where he sees the investing opportunities in the market. He also provides some interesting insights regarding how people are moving around the country, and discusses the net interstate migration activity we’re currently seeing in Australia.

Oh, and don’t miss out on Matt’s answer to host Michael Beresford’s final question: “If you were buying before Christmas (2020), where would you be looking?”

EPISODE #13 – “You ask, we answer” – Facebook Live Q&A Show (December, 2020)

This episode of BRICK TO THE FUTURE is a replay of the December edition of OpenCorp’s Live Q&A Show, a monthly Facebook livestream in which our panel of in-house experts answer viewers’ questions around all things property investment.

OpenCorp directors, Cam McLellan and Michael ‘Boz’ Beresford, recap the year that was from a property perspective, as well as cast their eyes forward to 2021 and beyond, providing aspiring property investors with a view of what to look out for.

Cam and Boz also fielded some cracking questions from viewers, including:

  • Do you recommend purchasing property in a trust once your portfolio starts to build in size to allow flexibility and options for the long term?
  • Should we fix interest rate now, or wait?
  • If you had a deposit for a couple good properties that were fit for compound growth, would you still wait for growth/equity from the first, or put down the deposit for the second as early as possible with savings (assuming you could get the loan and are okay with the deposit amounts)?
  • Do either of you (Cam or Boz) have any commercial property investments, and do you believe they are a good investment instead of buying a house?
  • If you were starting your investment journey today with some savings and steady income, where would you start and what type of general strategy/system would you implement assuming the goal is long term growth/wealth?

This was the final Facebook Live Q&A Show for 2020 – the next episode will be streamed live on our Facebook Page at 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 11, 2021.  Come say “hi” – and bring your questions!

EPISODE #12 – Property Investing in 2021 with Dr. Andrew Wilson, Chief Economist, My Housing Market

This episode features an interview with expert guest, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Chief Economist at My Housing Market.

Andrew recaps the rollercoaster 2020 market, shares his insights on where we stand today, and provides his expert outlook for investing in 2021.

Hosted by leading property investment advisor, Michael Beresford, this interview with Andrew was recorded for a recent ‘Property Investing in 2021’ webinar, presented by OpenCorp.

If you’re hungry for insights to help you cut through the noise and map out a solid, research-based investing strategy for 2021 and beyond, this episode will be right up your alley!

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EPISODE #11 – Building the foundations of a high-performing property portfolio (Part 1)

Podcast hosts Cam McLellan and Michael Beresford get back to basics in this episode of the podcast.

Cam and Michael break down the importance of clarity when it comes to investing, including understanding your aspirations, setting realistic goals, and creating an action plan.

They look at the fears involved in investing, and discuss why it’s critical aspiring investors see past the media headlines so they don’t get caught up in the ‘white noise’ that surrounds the property market.

And lastly, they discuss what’s involved in taking that first step – purchasing investment property number one – and the importance of using that as a foundation for your property portfolio moving forwards.

EPISODE #10 – So you wanna be a landlord? Property management under the spotlight!

This episode is a replay of the October edition of our popular Facebook Live Q&A Show, which focused on all things property management.

The show features expert guest, Cassie Austin, OpenCorp’s Property Management Operations Manager, who unpacks the many and various aspects involved in being a landlord today.

Plus we hear from our panel of property investing experts – Al Lewison, Matthew Lewison and Cam McLellan – who addressed heaps of questions from viewers during the live stream.

It was, as always, an awesome show, with heaps of questions, insights, ideas and laughs!

EPISODE #9 – “You ask, we answer” – Facebook Live Q&A Show (November, 2020)

This episode of BRICK TO THE FUTURE is a replay of the November edition of OpenCorp’s Live Q&A Show, a monthly Facebook livestream in which our panel of in-house experts answer viewers’ questions around all things property investment.

Finance and lending was a key topic of discussion with special guest, finance specialist Christian Paterson unpacking the subject with the panel of Al Lewison, Matthew Lewison and Cam McLellan.

Christian,  who heads up OpenFinance, OpenCorp’s finance arm, addressed  a broad array of finance-related issues, including:

  • how to negotiate a better interest rate on property investment loans
  • the length of time banks are taking to approve loans
  • the importance of reviewing your loans every three years, especially in this environment of low interest rates
  • changing lending requirements in line with COVID-19

Also discussed by the panel (in response to viewers’ questions):

  • the concept of ‘rentvesting’
  • best locations to buy investment property
  • dealing with tenants during COVID-19

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EPISODE #8 – Finance Special: Property lending landscape, interest rates, refinancing and borrowing capacity – with expert guest, Amanda Gleig

In this episode, Cam and Michael sit down for a chat with Amanda Gleig, a senior broker with OpenFinance, the mortgage broking arm of OpenCorp.

Amanda, Cam and Michael take a no-nonsense deep-dive into the lending landscape in Australia and how that affects property markets, including:

  • lending regulations, government initiatives and how the advent of COVID-19 has changed things up
  • interest rates, refinancing and why it’s important to review your borrowings
  • the importance of not using the one lender for your home and investment properties

Plus Amanda explains borrowing capacity, and how personal debt can affect your ability to borrow.

If you’re thinking about investing in property in the near future, this timely podcast episode will be of interest.

EPISODE #7 – Savvy exit strategies for property investors

This episode is a replay of a chat between OpenCorp directors Cam McLellan and Matt Lewison, and Phil Tarrant, the host of the The Smart Property Investment Show.

Exit strategies

The key theme for this week’s show focuses on exit strategies, and how to realise the wealth you’ve built up in your property portfolio.

As Cam tells us: When it comes to property investment, like many other endeavours in life, it’s critical that you begin with the end in mind.

Not having a clear view of the outcome you’re trying to achieve can potentially derail your efforts: you’ll more likely be distracted and may stray from your path of systematic investment.

Remember to ask yourself from the get-go: what is my vision?

Cam & Matt share their ‘divestment’ stories

Cam tells his ‘exit strategy’ story, explaining how he and business partner and brother-in-law, Al Lewison, are currently in the midst of divesting their joint property investment portfolio.

Matt also shares his experiences and lessons learned around property divestment.

Further reading on the OpenCorp blog: Property investment: 4 exit strategies 

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