The car that James Bond wants


Posted by OpenCorp Staff

It looks like an ordinary Range Rover – but it bristles with enough gadgets to make James Bond envious. The new armoured vehicle, dubbed the Chelsea tank, is designed to cope with small-arms fire – and even a chemical weapons attack – to foil would-be kidnappers. With thick armour plating, gun ports and electronic jammers, the £300,000 (AUD $536,967.55) vehicle is designed for security-conscious celebrities who don’t want to stand out in city streets.

Stoof, the German company which has adapted the Range Rover Vogue, told the Daily Mail it has also sold armoured cars to the Foreign Office and other Government agencies as well as celebrities such as Melanie Brown aka former Spice Girl, Mel B.

Fitted with sensors which detect a gas attack, close down the air conditioning and supply fresh oxygen, it is the next “must-have” accessory for those with cash to burn.

The suspension and brakes have been upgraded to cope with its five tonne weight and many other extras can be added such as electronic shock handles, bullet-proof glass, night vision windscreens and ram bumpers.

The vehicle will be launched in December at the Transport Security Expo in Olympia.

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