New challenges


By Cam McLellan

What do you do once you have the choice to work or not? I love coming into the office. I’m close to 50 of the greatest property minds in Australia under one roof. The team in here has a varied skillset and I’m happy to say some are more experienced than myself. So it’s enjoyable to be part of the action. I also can’t stay at home all day because Felicity won’t let me.

I love writing for you guys and will continue to work on the current two books I’m writing being My Four Year Old the Property Developer and My Four Year Old the Business Owner. But I’ve also been working on a film script with Al Lewison over the last few years. So to fine tune what we’ve embarked on, I can finally now say that I went to university. Recently I’ve been attending film school at RMIT.

Now if I told most people that Al and I wanted to make a film in Hollywood most would say ‘yeah sure, good luck with that’ (understandable because this is what we said to a mate Leigh, who wrote a film script a bit over 10 years ago, that film was SAW). Not saying that what we’ll make will top SAW which is one of the largest grossing franchises ever. But we’re keen to go through the process and understand not only the creative side of the film industry, we also want to understand the business aspects which are some of the most challenging of any business industry. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted as our negotiations progress with a couple of the industry’s top production companies.

If I make it to the red carpet or not, it’s all part of the fun of taking on new challenges and pushing myself.

The bottom line is that we couldn’t even begin to take on a challenge like making a feature film, if we hadn’t invested in property all those years ago. Property investing gives you the choice to choose your own adventure in life.

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