Dan Gosper – Preparing for life after mining


‘Don’t worry about the stress of investing, just go and do it. It’s more stressful not investing.’

Dan Gosper wants the retirement we all dream of. But he knows he won’t achieve it unless he invests to build financial freedom.

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I suppose the mining industry can be pretty fluid at times and there is a lot of movement, but Claremont is a bit different. It’s got a good agricultural base and it’s a more diverse town than most.

Now, we’ve got a family here and it’s great to have that small town for raising kids, certainly a stress-free lifestyle to live here. I’ve always had a bit of an interest in property. I find it very frustrating and stressful, that you read different things and become confused on which is the best way to go with things.

So I’ve bought in cities and I’ve bought rural and bought old versus new.

I got a copy of the My Four Year Old Property Investor book and read that and it almost made me embarrassed. It was so simple and easy and logical that I was kinda like well, why aren’t you doing this? It’s so obvious to you. Following that, I then made contact with OpenCorp because I guess the other constraint is that it’s all good and well to know you need to do something but we all get busy and time flies by and you never actually get around to doing it. The dream of oh, yeah, we’ll be able to retire and have a great lifestyle but the reality is that you end up too busy and before you know it, five years goes, 10 years goes, 15 years goes and you never actually do it, so I guess my piece of advice is to don’t worry about the stress of it, go and do it because it’s more stressful not doing something.

I’ve got two little kids, a two-year-old and a four-year-old, so ultimately, my goal is to be able to spend as much time with them and not at work, so before I can do things smarter now, that allows me to do that, that’s my ultimate goal.

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