Conversations with Matt: The pursuit of passive income


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The pursuit of passive income.
Why do we invest?
As OpenCorp’s Michael ‘Boz’ Beresford explains in this week’s Conversation with Matt Lewison.
Having spoken to 20 people a week, every week, for nearly 15 years around what they’re motivated to achieve, what they want out of life, how they can be financially better off … we get all kinds of answers, including:
🏫 “I want to be able to have the choice to send my kids to the school that I want”
🙌 “Love to be debt-free!”
💰 “I want some financial security in retirement.”
✈️ “Love to have some money where I can travel and explore life.”
But mostly it comes down to having the ability to live life on your own terms.
Matt and Boz dig into this topic in this must-watch new video.
We hope it inspires you to start, or continue along, your path to financial freedom.
It’s a journey we’d love to help you with!
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