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"The Ultimate Mini Guide to
Property Investing"

Written by Cam McLellan

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“Ground breaking. If you want to invest in property, you must read this book.”

- Australian Financial Review

“A fun read that helps break down complex concepts. I current have dozen of post-it notes stuck throughout the book where it cleared up previous ‘unknowns’, or where a complex idea was simplified really well.”

- Smart Property Investment Magazine

Cam McLellan

About the Author

The latest edition of The Ultimate Mini Guide to Property Investing is written by OpenCorp co-founder and bestselling author, Cam McLellan.

Cam’s passion for mentoring investors has grown OpenCorp’s unique, successful approach to property investing for nearly two decades.

With the latest version of the guide, Cam breaks down that same approach, so emerging investors can quickly and clearly identify the very best property opportunities for 2021 – and outperform the crowd as the market continue heats up.