Financial Crash Proves the Catalyst for Investment Success.

“I’ve now built five houses with OpenCorp and I know now that I’ve made the right decision.”
Marc Pickering

In May 2023, 9 years on from Marc’s first investment property, Marc and Sue have now retired.

They’ve still got four of their five properties that’ll continue to create significant wealth for them before they pass them on to their three adult children.

The catalyst for this success story was to realise they were not in a great situation back in 2014 due to the Global Financial Crisis and they needed “to find a way to make some money so that we could retire comfortably and live the way we live at the moment.

Marc knew he had to start quickly as he had 10 years to make a difference and this is where his journey started with OpenCorp.

Marc & Sue's Timeline To A Comfortable Retirement

August 2014

Purchased 1st Investment Property

August 2014
April 2015

Purchased 2nd Investment Property

April 2015
May 2015

Purchased 3rd Investment Property

May 2015
January 2016

Purchased 4th Investment Property

January 2016
October 2017

Purchased 5th Investment Property

October 2017

Sue Retired

May 2021

Sold 2nd Investment Property

May 2021

Marc Retired


Marc & Sue's Story

Sometimes life delivers you a bad deal and there’s nothing else for it but to knuckle down and turn your luck around.

Our clients Marc and Sue were in their early fifties and heading into the latter years of their working lives when they found themselves in a position they’d never envisaged, thanks to the effects of the global financial crisis.

Before the dark clouds of economic change gathered, they had been looking forward to being in a strong position financially in retirement. The GFC changed all that, as they lost 40 per cent of their super.

Such a financial hit would be difficult to handle at any age, but especially when you’ve got a limited number of working years left to rebuild your nest egg. So, aged in their early fifties, Marc and Sue approached OpenCorp needing a solid plan to restore their savings.

They knew they needed to do something differently, and they knew property was a good investment, but didn’t know where to start.
OpenCorp helped to devise a strategy to acquire properties as quickly as possible within the borrowing capacity they had. So, using their own home as equity, they started off with one property in Melbourne and one in Brisbane in early 2014, then set about buying a property a year for the next 3 years.

Their eventual portfolio of five properties were spread across Melbourne and Brisbane – and they managed to hit the growth curve of both of those cities.

Their strategy was simple: hold the properties while they generate a passive income for them. One was sold to reduce the debt on the others, but this tactic worked well enough that they’ve both now retired, only 10 years after they started.

The timing was good based on where the properties were, capitalising on the strength of the markets in those two locations. So, Marc and Sue were getting exposure to different capital cities, while making sure they had built in buffers to protect them from interest rate rises.

The other factor was to be diligent about increasing rents (in line with the market) to improve cash flow.

We at OpenCorp were delighted when Marc emailed recently to say he’d retired (following Sue’s own retirement a couple of years back) now they were again financially comfortable. We’re proud to have been able to help that success story as the couple set themselves up for an enjoyable retirement. It’s a huge credit to them – they brought the motivation to succeed and followed the personalised approach we mapped out for them.

They’ve still got four of those five properties that’ll continue to create significant wealth for them, then pass on to their three adult children.

The catalyst for this success story was to realise they were not in a great situation, but they still had 10 years to make a difference. And if they can do it in 10 years, so can you – and if you’ve got 15 or 20, even better.

Michael Beresford, Director Investment Services, congratulating Marc at Sydney Client Night on the 9th of May 2023

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