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ResiFund makes residential property investment possible for anyone.

If you’re just getting started and trying to break into the property market and can’t afford a deposit, then we can help you with ResiFund.

ResiFund is a specialist residential property fund manager that has acquired over 1,000 properties and consistently delivered clients above average market returns for over a decade.


Warren Boothman, Head of Property Capital from ResiFund, has over 30 years of experience and talks about property funds, ResiFund and the property market. Find out more.

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We’ve helped thousands of Australians create millions of dollars through property investment.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

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"Feels like you are part of building something, and you're
gettting good returns with your money." - Callum

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"We work all our lives to make money and at some point the cycle
changes and we want the money working for us." - Gerard

Why choose ResiFund over traditional property investing?

ResiFund offers to lessen your involvement in some processes usually required for traditional property investing. You won’t need to spend months researching, negotiating the sale, finding a tenant, collecting rent or maintaining properties yourself. We take care of these processes for you.



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Generated in Client Profits

With average annual returns of 10.8% across their properties, on an ungeared basis including rent and capital growth. ResiFund allows you to be part-owner in the very same investments we put our own money into.

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Investor tax rates aren’t factored in calculating returns. Past performance doesn’t indicate future performance. Returns and values may rise and fall from one period to another. All prospective financial information is predictive, may be affected by inaccurate assumptions or by known or unknown risks and uncertainties, and may differ materially from results ultimately achieved. This information shouldn’t be the sole basis of an investment decision. You should consider obtaining the appropriate professional advice before making a decision to invest. The target market for ResiFund can be found within the Target Market Determination at www.resifund.com.au 

You can only invest in ResiFund by filling a PDS application form from www.resifund.com.au

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